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Beth Brook is a 15 year old vegan activist from the U.K. and decided to transition to vegetarian at 13 years old after learning about the environmental impacts of a meat based diet and also seeing some slaughter house footage online.

After seeing the documentary Dominion at vegan campout, she decided to become a vegan at 15 years old. Currently the activism she participates in is Anonymous For The Voiceless as well as online activism on her social media platforms. 

We look forward to seeing to Beth's progress within the community and have no doubt that she will reach new audiences and demographics with her efforts within activism.





Being a young activist:

As a young activist my biggest challenge is actually my age. This is because in a world where you see so much wrong, being seen as a simple child who doesn’t understand anything can make you feel powerless. This lead me to do public activism (AV). I’m constantly undermined during online activism because of my age being told to educate myself and that I’m young and delusional by people disagreeing with my vegan views that animals should have rights. However I combat this by constantly educating myself and always being prepared with sources. If I was to give advice to other young or any age vegans struggling with this, I would say to always make sure you have your facts, be prepared to get criticism (Sometimes angry ones from other people) about what you say and always stay motivated!

Being vegan while in education:

During education, I’ve received a lot of criticism for just being a vegan. This can range from name calling, ridiculous questions or being called out in front of the entire class (even though that one did have a good intention). But there’s some positives: I met my vegan best friend when I was vegetarian who helped me on my journey to being vegan and activism, who I’m fully thankful for. Also, it’s so easy to reach the people you see on a daily basis and get them to understand a vegan point of view, I’ve inspired people to go vegetarian, give up red meat and give being vegan a try. However in my other forms of activsm, I normally go straight for vegan. So throughout the criticism for being vegan, it’s important to stay positive and keep up the message of animal liberation, because you never know who you could reach. 

Balancing activism and school:

Even though protesting the deaths of 56 billion livestock a year can seem more important than your GCSEs, it’s important to make room for both. In the future, one of my aspirations is to be a vet, so I can actively save so many animals lives, but this requires lots of hard work in school, revision and high grades. So I have to put activism lower down on my list of things to do. During exam period, I tend to tone down on public activism, but continuing on with internet. I think getting good grades is important for our future, and even though revising can seem pointless with the world being completely messed up and global warming coming to get us all, it’s still really crucial.

Volunteering with animals:

Another huge inspiration for my activism is volunteering at Brinsley animal rescue with a range of animals from farmed, wildlife and pets. There I get to experience how each animal has their own unique personality and a desire to live life free of harm and suffering. Because of this, I was inspired to help more animals just like them, because I knew that each animal is different and didn’t deserve to just be treated like an object, or some thing object the shelf for us to eat.

To conclude, I’ll continue to be an activist throughout my life because of my passion of animal liberation and to save the environment. It is so important to speak up for what you believe in because with out it, our world will never change. We need to believe in a world where animals aren’t exploited or used for their products, and we need to fight for that dream. We need to fight for the animals, the planet and the people.

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