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The first article on activism comes in the form of the amazing Christopher ‘Soul’ Eubanks! Christopher has recently launched himself into the vegan scene with admirable gusto. With his no nonsense style and matter of fact statements on animal advocation, agriculture and environmental issues, he’s become a firm favourite - a pillar of the vegan community and amassed a legion of followers in a short space of time. Christopher is not only an activist but a creative and constructs arts and media together seamlessly to promote the vegan lifestyle on his YouTube Channel and other social media platforms.




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The importance of vegans becoming activists:

When I decided to become vegan it was the most enlightening but emotional experience I would ever endure. After a few months of being vegan and learning in excruciating detail about the many ways’ animals are exploited a heavy burden covered my spirit that left parts of me in agony. These feelings left me wanting to make a difference to fight against animal cruelty but my unchanneled  passion led me to have unproductive debates about veganism online and in my personal life. In my efforts to fight for animals I quickly began to realise I would need to be more strategic in my efforts and soon realised that vegan activism was inevitable.

Once I began doing activism, I started to realise that it’s one thing to not contribute to injustice but it’s another thing to speak out against injustice as it happens. For me activism has become not only a civic duty but also a way to release my frustrations about animal suffering in a healthy manner.

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On the path to being the best versions of ourselves we will encounter many difficulties but we must make sure we are living a life in which our actions and our morals are aligned. Desmond Tutu once said “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor” and this is an example of why it is important for vegans to be a voice for the voiceless.

Why I became vegan:

I became vegan for a variety of reasons, but the heart of why I became vegan was because I no longer wanted to contribute to the suffering of innocent beings and I wanted my diet to have a positive impact on the environment. Before becoming vegan, I never fully grasped how my diet and actions contributed to suffering until I began to learn why and how animals are turned into food. Once I became educated about how consuming animals negatively impacts the environment, I no longer wanted to consume a diet that was harmful to the earth, harmful to innocent beings, and harmful to my spirit. When I realised I could have the same delicious foods I have always enjoyed but without any animal suffering, I not only changed my diet, I also adopted a vegan lifestyle. Not supporting animal cruelty doesn’t just stop with my diet, it extends into my way of life as I aspire to live a vegan lifestyle that aims to eliminate all forms of animal suffering which has inspired me to become a vegan activist.

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Whether attending animal vigils, giving animal rights lectures at universities, or creating content for my vegan YouTube channel, I plan to always use my talents and skills to promote the message of veganism. We must remember that we are all animals and for us to end all forms of oppression and inequality we need to extend our circle of compassion to include all animals, both human and non human and that is why I am vegan.

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  • Bonnie on

    Thanks Soul Eubanks for your tireless efforts. You are saving lives by being inspiring and informing humans about this horrible wrong to innocent animals. What animals suffer is unbearable to see and disgraceful to accept. So many humans do not truly realize what is happening, nor are they aware of the health and environmental damage that eating animals has created. Thanks to your efforts now and in the future many lives, both human and nonhuman, will enjoy a long happy healthy existence.

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