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The second activist profile is on Amy Kennedy AKA Amythevegan. Amy is known for her staunch and sassy style of activism and her approach to animal welfare, climate change and eating on a budget has gained her a devoted following most notably on Twitter and other social platforms. Also known as the Vegan Queen, she slaps down naysayers with a reality stick, debunking the myth that veganism is for middle class folk who shop at Planet Organic. She is not afraid to be vulnerable and honest in regards to detailing her feelings and mental state and often speaks openly about her health issues which makes her relatable and real - a refreshing change. Not only is she an activist, but an author and wrote her first book: An Average Vegans Guide To Being An Average Vegan. Very far from average, Amy will continue to scale to new heights with a second book in the works and continues to be a unique, respected and dynamic force within the vegan community.







Hi! I’m Amy and I’m 21! I’ve been vegan for three years and I turned veggie at the age of 15. Veganism has been one of the best things that has happened to me, not only for my health but for my mind and (at risk of sounding pretentious) my soul. When I was eight years old I was diagnosed with PCOS, and any other ovary inclined people who suffer with this illness will know just how much of a challenge it can be. As I grew up more and more health issues started to reveal themselves in my life and I became a regular at the doctors for things like migraines, acid reflux, IBS & depression, I became bored of waiting for someone to help me and I took matters into my own hands.

After watching documentaries like Cowspiracy and Earthlings I realised that this whole vegan ordeal might be something that benefitted me as well as the planet, so I thought I would give myself a month trial and see what happens. Unfortunately, my parents were not so onboard with this idea, and I had to fight for my right to be compassionate, and luckily, somewhere along the line, I won. Veganism quickly became something I was passionate about, I have always been soft and unable to tolerate harm for animals (just to emphasis this, I’ve never seen The Lion King, Bambi, Fox & The Hound, Marley and Me & until last year I didn’t even know Brother Bear died in Brother Bear) so some might argue that I was destined to be a vegan.

I have taken to using my social media as a means of being an activist, as a way of educating others, helping others and encouraging others along in their journey but most importantly I use my platforms to show that veganism can be something that can be done well and cheap. As someone who grew up in a council estate, I have witnessed first-hand the struggles that poorer people face. I’ve seen friends be neglected by the education system, I’ve seen people live in horrid conditions & I’ve seen people give up on themselves and their own health. The idea of the elite being able to be healthy and happy and the working-class struggling was not something that sat right with me, I wanted to make a change. I wanted to take veganism to the people who have lived like me or are currently like me and prove that you don’t have to be elite, a good cook or be able to take hours out of your day in order to live healthily, happily and compassionately. I’m not sure how well I am delivering this message, but I hope I am helping others make changes somewhere, somehow.

Dedicating my platforms to this cause is something I invest a lot of time in, and all I’ve ever wanted is to be someone who makes a change or makes others feel happy and encouraged, in a world like we are in now, it is important to find something that gives you peace. Unfortunately, like any other person on the internet, I have faced people who don’t like how I promote veganism or they just don’t like me as a person! For a while I really struggled with this as I’ve always tried to be genuine and honest on my platform, but as time has gone on I’ve come to realise that people are always going to talk, and all I can do is stick by my guns and keep on being positive and keep on encouraging people. As someone who struggles with mental health problems it can be a rollercoaster being online and having the following that I do, and I often find myself in places where I question if I am deserving or good enough to have this space. This can be a challenge for me as I am so grateful for the people in my life and I’d hate to think I am letting them down or making them feel small. In my heart of hearts, I know I am blessed, and I truly am thankful for the people I have been able to meet through this platform.

I am so excited to see where things go with my twitter, Instagram and YouTube. I hope to keep growing these platforms and being able to reach even more people of diverse backgrounds and history and hopefully turn it into a place where others can share their stories. At this point in my life all I want is to be able to continue making a change, and as this is something I have wanted since I was a child, I don’t see it going away anytime soon and as long as people are still supporting me and sticking by me, I’ll be here.

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