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My name is Chelsea Velez. I’m 22 years old women born and raised in Southern California. I have recently reconnected with art as a way to express myself and use art as an outlet for my mental health. I’ve taken two art classes in junior high and other than that am self taught. 

1) Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself and journey?

I went vegan in 2016 and at this time I would have described myself as an angry vegan. Painting and drawing images of animals to inspire others to go vegan helped as an outlet for the anger I felt when thinking about the millions of animals exploited on this planet. Veganism was my original passion but in college I began learning about other forms of oppression like sexism and racism. Currently I’m a student studying for a degree in international studies with a minor in women’s gender studies. The content I create on my @total.liberation6 page is often influenced by what i learn in my courses. 

chelsea velez art


2) What are your motivations for creating?

My motivation is to use my artistic talents as a way to do activism. I want to make a difference and when I do commissions I send 50% of the profits to a charity of the buyer’s choice. 


3) What inspires you to create?

When I’m drawing with digital art I’m inspired by injustice. I try to create art that is using a pro intersectional feminist framework and that is anti capitalist, anti patriarchal, and anti-white supremacy. 


4) Describe your art in 3 words.

Social justice art

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5) Has your art changed over the years?

Yes, I originally was taught how to draw realistic images with  graphite pencils in a junior high school art course. I still draw realistic images but recently  I’ve been learning how to draw on an iPad. My artwork on the iPad is more illustrated and abstract based. 


6) What techniques do you enjoy experimenting with?

I was originally taught how to draw with graphite pencils and to draw realistic images. However I enjoy doing abstract art with digital art, painting, and oil pastels.  


7) Whats the motto you live by?

Happy, Healthy, and Strong is a motto my family uses. 

chelsea velez art

8) Is there an art scene where you are based?

Yes there’s a major art scene in Orange County and in Los Angeles. There’s is a plethora of art walks however most are down right now because of the Covid - 19 pandemic. 


9) Whats the best piece of advice you would give a budding artist?

Don’t be scared to create. There’s a belief in the art world that you should focus on one medium of art (like drawing or painting) to become an expert in. But it’s always interesting to experiment and work with new materials. 


10) Favourite quote?

“Dare to love yourself

as if you were a rainbow

with gold at both ends.”

Author-Poet Aberjhani

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