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Artist: Charlotte Archer
Charlotte is a London born, Ibiza based artist whose colourful mandalas and unique paintings have captured fans from all over the world. Charlotte has been making waves in Ibiza and with her amazing talent has had the opportunity to paint in respected and established venues across Ibiza as well as London. She has also had a bikini line with Defected and has exhibited her art along with some live painting on Ibiza Vibe TV show. Her latest project has brought her to Uganda and was for the events company Abode. Unlike the usual parties they throw, Abode have decided to do something unheard of within the dance community and that was to set up a Ugandan based charity called the Abode Project. They have just completed the build of a primary school, orphanage, music school, community centre and barber shop that have been built by a team of 80+ volunteers over two trips and a lot of fundraising. There are talks for possibly a secondary school being built with volunteers returning in November 2019. 
After being inspired by her beautiful artwork, and her philanthropy I felt she would be the perfect addition to the artist profile series.
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1) What's your journey and how have you reached where you are at present?

I have always been creative but I didn’t realise I could actually make a living from being an artist until I quit everything else 4 years ago and just went for it. I did study special FX make up for film and tv when I was 19 which I loved and was a big eye opener. I'm self taught and have got to where I am now by dedication, practice and perseverance.
2) Where do you get your inspiration from?
Other artists I find on Instagram, street art, nature, Ibiza and just generally observing the world and colours around me.
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3) What do you love most about being an artist & what prompted you to take up art in the first place?
I love working for myself away from the 9-5 rat race, I love being able to express myself in a totally unique way and I love it when people are interested in and buy my work as I feel like they are buying a piece of me! I was living in Ibiza and my job in hospitality had come to an end but I was feeling more creative than ever and was painting canvases just as a hobby, someone spotted my work and asked for a mural on their wall and it all just snow balled from there really.
4) How do you keep yourself motivated & interested in your work?
I change my style all the time, I like to paint bright, colourful, abstract  pieces which always turn out differently so it keeps it fresh for me, but I also love to paint portraits and try out new technique and styles so this keeps me from getting bored (which I do get very easily). I keep myself motivated with a good playlist!
5) You have painted in world famous nightclubs and well known establishments which is amazing. How did these opportunities arise?
Thanks! Through living in Ibiza really, I got to know a lot of people here and word spreads fast as its a small island and Ive been recommended for most of the jobs I’ve had out here. Then I’ve been invited back the next year for the next season to re do the art as they’ve been happy with the first year – luckily.

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6) What is the best advice you have been given?
If you find a job that you love then you’ll never work a day in your life ( Or you work every single day of your life haha)
charlotte archer art
Mural at Bar No 177 – Hoxton, London
7) You are currently residing in Ibiza, what is the art scene like over there & how does it differ to other places you have lived in the world?
Yeah I’ve lived here for 5 years and it’s ok but I’d say it’s definitely limited out here compared to big cities like London, just because Ibiza is so tiny and there aren’t many exhibitions etc happening. I regularly go back to London and travel around to make sure I’m involved in other art scenes too.
8) You have recently worked with the Abode Project. Can you tell me a little more about this and how you got involved?
I painted a sign for Abode about a year ago and Kai (the owner) asked if I’d be up for coming out to Uganda to help paint their new schools and orphanages, I of course said yes and I went out there in November and again in January.  I painted designs in all of the classrooms and murals around the school. That’s got to be the most rewarding piece of art I’ve ever done as its brightened up that little school so much.

charlotte archer art

9) Do you have any exhibitions coming up or any plans for one in the near future?
Not at the moment as I sold all of my canvases in December when I did the Abode charity auction, however I would love to set up another exhibition for around May time, I just need to get painting now!
10) What processes do you enjoy experimenting with?
I usually use Acrylics and oils but I love digital art on my iPad Pro and also love experimenting with the collage effect and using mixed media.
I hardly ever draw with pencil, I don’t even like sketching things in pencil before I paint, I like to get stuck in straight away with the paints and see what happens.
Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 14.29.59
11) What is the vegan scene like in Ibiza?
Not great haha Spanish love their meats and cheeses. There is a Vegan restaurant close to me actually that I’ve not tried yet as its closed during winter, and the other vegan/vegetarians options are very expensive I find. I love going back to London for that reason too as I feel spoilt for choice, last time I was back I went to Brick Lane for Veganuary, and was thinking how much I wish I could get the same choices in Ibiza haha!
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