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Artist: Roxanne Sauriol
Author: Jade R
Self-taught, Roxanne Sauriol was born in 1987 in Montreal. Following the birth of her only daughter, she undertakes the work of a first collection. After her first publication in an art magazine she pushed her career forward and found herself quickly immersed in the art world. Sauriol paints from her studio in downtown Montreal where she photographs and conceptualizes the images that will then be used as a visual reference for her final work, meticulously painted on wood with acrylics. Sauriol is now at her 11th exhibition, including four solo shows. 
''As a female artist I chose to make women the foreground of my work. Ever since I can remember I have always been deeply troubled and aware of the uneven dynamics of genders, therefore fascinated and concerned by human nature itself. Women’s sense of vulnerability in the face of society and the constant fight for empowerment is the contrast in which I build my narrative''
As a recent and massive fan of her work, it's an honour that Roxanne decided to sit down and answer some burning questions that I had..
1) What's your journey and how have you reached where you are at present?
I've briefly studied art and fashion and was left unsatisfied with the programs we had here in Montreal. I then strictly focused on painting after I left school and haven't stopped since. 

2) How does your earlier work differ from your new work?
I'll answer that from an introspective point of view rather than a visual analysis. 
I believe art is about getting to know yourself and learn how to focus on what matters to you even when you're not sure why. 
Everything from my technique to my narrative has changed except from the subject. The female subject is for me the best way to tell my story. A good metaphor for that would be an actress and her characters. I will only play stories I can really relate too and evolve with. 

3) What do you enjoy most about being an artist?
Being my own boss, which is also one of the challenges.
4) How do you keep yourself motivated & interested in your work?
I'm forcing myself to work everyday. That way I have to find ways to keep the work interesting and motivating, otherwise I wouldn't get the job done.
5)Where do you get your inspiration from?
I'm not sure how to answer that. Everything. One day it could be an oil spill on a sidewalk and another day could be gucci's latest show. Since I'm limiting myself to a specific subject it allows me to jump from what's interesting to me in that specific moment.
6) What motto do you live by?
If it means cutting people off, quitting a job, redefining your belief; do it.

7) What is the art scene like in Montreal? 
Not sure I have the right perspective to answer that since I'm in it but I think Montrealers will always have an inferiority complex and that's what is refraining it from becoming the art capital it has the potential to be.

8) For people who are not familiar with your work, can you describe your style in 5 words?
Introspective analysis of my own female experience.

9) Why do you create & what need does it satisfy?
Creating is the main ingredient to a healthy life. You can be creative flipping burgers, just be the best you can be and don't put your time into something that doesn't serve your creative needs. I happen to focus on painting because it was what served me best for what I wanted out of life. I'm my own boss and if I really wanted too I could work from a cave in India or a beach in Greece. It satisfies my need for freedom.

10) If you could live through a different artistic movement other than the present, which one would you choose?

11) How do you manage to stay distinctive and authentic in your creative ventures?
Well technically we all are. If you're focusing on being authentic, you'll most likely put so much effort into the concept of authenticity you'll forget that it's naturally there.
Thank you so much for your time Roxanne, it has been an absolute pleasure interviewing you. 
J x

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