Artist Profile: Sinead Mari Turnham

Art Artist Illustrator


We stumbled across Sinead's work on Instagram and found her items unique and beautiful.

Sinead, who originally hails from Brighton, is a Cape Town based fibre artist and illustrator. She strongly believes in upcycling and sources her fabrics from textile industry off cuts and second hand finds.

Inspired by fairytales, folktales and the children’s programs of the late 60’s and early 70’s, Sinead creates unique one of a kind creatures, toys and illustrations.

sinead mari turnham

“It’s such fun playing with texture and colour to create these ‘fibre friends’, as my fabric is upcycled it’s hard to plan what a creation will look like, but that’s the fun part of the creative process”

sinead mari turnham art

Sinead obtained a degree in graphic design in 2010 but has always preferred illustration and fibre arts. Apart from selling prints and producing her own whimsical colouring book based on her ‘fibre friends’ she illustrates for South African pulp fiction magazine Jungle Jim and other African based publications.  

sinead mari turnham cats fibre art

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