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Marty Cofie is a creative from North London. After a period of travel and free form art she was employed by The Mean Fiddler Group where she worked 5 festival seasons as head of creative for the back stage VIP area creating inspiring, bohemian spaces for the bands and guests incorporating her artwork into the environment with clay sculptures on trees and projected images as well as her paintings. Her first company Little Punk, a designer children's clothing company was formed in the mid nineties.  The edgy street wear brand attracted a cult following for Marty's individual punk inspired range of t-shirts and hoodies.

In 2000 Marty moved to Thailand to work for the full moon party organisers, she created seasonally inspired art which changed with every full moon and was projected over the sea and sand throughout the events.

Marty Cofie Art

Marty now lives in her native Muswell Hill, North London where she creates psychedelic art inspired by the rhythms of nature, the infinitude of creations and sacred geometry. Her current projects take her deep into beautiful florals with a deep connection to the feminine and the divine.

1) In one sentence describe what your art tells us that you can’t?

It tells the story of life and death. The eternal cyclical, magical rhythms of our existence and the world we live in. It also delves into the other realms of alternate possible realities. 

2) Where do you draw inspiration from? 

Nature is my inspiration. Close looks at the delicate and fierce beauty of plants and insects. The indescribable sacred geometry that’s present in every living thing excites me. 

3) What are the difficulties you encounter as an artist? 

Time is the biggest hurdle for me quickly followed by a fear of technology. I’m a Luddite.

4) What is your favourite quote and why?

‘Don't think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it's good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.’ Andy Warhol 

Marty Cofie Art

5) What processes do you enjoy experimenting with?  

Digital Layering is really fun. I’m just not very good at it. 

6) How has your art changed over the course of time?

As my work is environmental is lends itself to seasonal change. It seems to have its own life cycle. 

7) Name something you love and why?

I love the woods. It’s my place of safety, growth and reflection. I love the day to day changes I see, it makes me feel close to the divine, to Mother Nature. 

8) Whats the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

It’s the people who are hardest to love that need love the most. 

9) What is your professional goal?

To keep loving my creative process and to keep feeling the joy of finished pieces going to new homes. 

Marty Cofie Art

10) Why do you create, and what need does it satisfy?

I am brimming with ideas and I need to express myself. I have a narrative and I would burst if I couldn’t tell it. 

11) What does your art express about you? 

I think it expresses my need to look deeper. To examine life in it's raw form and different perspectives.

12) If your art was music, what would it sound like? 

Like Scandinavian electronic folk music with choir like female vocals and lots of spirit drums.

Marty Cofie Art

14) What does success mean to you?


15) What prompted you to take up art in the first place?

I had to get it out. It couldn’t stay inside.

16) How do you remain authentic?

Live in my truth and never push through a block. If I have to force a creative session it won’t work. It’s a flow not pump. 

Marty Cofie Art

17) Do your emotions define the art you produce?

Absolutely. My mood and my environment are catalysts for all I create.

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