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This week's focus is on Rebecca Miller, owner and founder of Temple De Luna. Temple de Luna is a small batch, natural cosmetics company based in Glasgow, Scotland. All of their products are handmade with care and loving intentions, using natural, plant-based ingredients. All of the ingredients are of the highest quality and are always ethically sourced. Not only are all of Temple de Luna's products vegan, they are also anhydrous (which means that none of the formulas contain water). Anhydrous products contain self-preserving ingredients and are much more stable, which means that all of the products can be created without the use of harsh chemicals or preservatives. Giving you luxurious skincare products, packed full of nourishing, skin-loving ingredients.
We love unique, cruelty free beauty, let's find out how Rebecca got started....
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1) Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?
My name is Rebecca and I run a small, natural skincare business called Temple de Luna. I launched TDL in October 2019 and have currently 3 products launched. All of my product formulas are created, handmade and tested by me. A big part of the Temple de Luna ethics is that we don't test on animals (or use ingredients tested on animals), are vegan and made from 100% natural ingredients. My love for skincare started in my early teens as I suffered from severe acne and also psoriasis. I spent a lot of time at the doctors and dermatologists with little to no progress, so I eventually started researching my conditions for myself and from then on I was often found rummaging through the kitchen cupboards looking for ingredients to create my DIY face masks, scrubs and balms to work on my skin. Fast forward almost 10 years, I no longer suffer from acne and my psoriasis only really affects my scalp at times. I now use my own experience to inspire me to help other people with their skin, using the gracious gifts from Mother Nature!
2) How did the idea for your business come about?
In March 2019 I found myself without a job, it was quite an unexpected situation and a scary time for me as I had never been unemployed before. Although this was a difficult time, I had such a strong urge to delve into creating my own business. I had originally begun planning to open up a metaphysical/spiritual supplies store in Glasgow, and then out of nowhere I had the sudden realisation that I had been creating amazing products at home for my skin, had a lot of experience doing so, and particularly, I had been creating a skin balm that had worked wonders for me, my sister and her son and other family & friends who tried it. And that started me down the path of creating & launching Temple de Luna.
3) How do you distinguish yourself from your competitors?
I tend to be very personal when it comes to social media, I love directly engaging with and building rapport and relationships with my customers. I will often post pictures of myself, my skin journey and experiences on my social media and keep them unfiltered/untouched. It's important to me to be a direct example to my customers that our skin is part of being human. It is beyond natural for us to have pores, blemishes, marks and scars. I often see posts across the industry where there are full faces of makeup or the pictures have been edited and photoshopped. I don't feel this is representative of the true nature of our skin, so I think that's something I do quite differently too.
temple de luna serum
4) Is there anything you would have done differently?
To be honest, I'm quite content with how my business has developed from the beginning right up to the present day, I'm a firm believer in things happening as they are meant to happen, and being at the right place at the right time. Although doing things differently could have resulted in being in a different place with Temple de Luna today, I'm happy with the course I've taken, the development of myself & business and all the lessons I've learned along the way.
5) Have you encountered any major hurdles? If so how did you overcome them?
I've encountered quite a few hurdles in my time building Temple de Luna, I had so much experience creating products but no experience in running a business or how to get my products on the market legally. One of my biggest hurdles was getting my head around the regulations for producing and selling cosmetic products, the assessments and labelling requirements and marketing them. It was seriously overwhelming and took me a good few months to get to grips with, I had tried in the past and given up as it was difficult to understand, but with a little perseverance, I got there and being consistent with my research and learning led me to launch my first product!
6)  What motivates you?
I'm definitely motivated by working hard, I've always been a productive person my whole working life and I love to create a goal (that some may feel is unachievable) and smash it! Although I work long hours at my job and at Temple de Luna it is SO rewarding going to bed at night knowing I have worked hard and had a successful day! My husband is also a HUGE motivation for me, he is my number one cheerleader and encourages me to pursue my dreams. His support has been absolutely incredible and he always motivates and inspires me to keep pushing on! 
7) What piece of advice would you give to someone who wanted to start a business?
DO IT! We pretty much all have that daydream and fantasy of running our own business, being our own boss doing something that we truly adore. I always dreamed of having my own business and it is the most liberating feeling in the world when you finally take those first steps to doing it. It is a lot of hard work but it is intensely rewarding! Take your daydreams and fantasies and start writing them down, write down what you would love to do, achieve and what goals you have. Then start writing down your plan and take it from there!
8) How would you describe your business in 3 words?
I would describe my business as authentic, progressive and ethical!
9) What would you like to have achieved in five years? In five years I would love to have become full-time self-employed and have my own premises for Temple de Luna with some staff. At the moment I am a one-woman band and I work from my kitchen at home, so it would be great to share my philosophy and ethos with employees in the future! For me, one of the best things about my business is helping my customers with confidence, self-love and transformations. So in five years time, I would love to have helped thousands of people with their skin, confidence and self-esteem as I believe they can be closely related.
10) How do you balance life and work?
This can be a tricky one at times, I worked in call-centre management for 5 years before starting Temple de Luna so I was able to build great time and priority management skills which definitely help. Working full time as well means most days I am extremely work orientated, I'll do a shift at my job then come home and I'm working on TDL into the late hours of the night. I do make sure I take time out to spend with my husband, family and doing other things that I love. I'm a strong believer that you cannot pour from an empty cup, so I make sure to eat properly, and fuel my body for the work I do, get plenty of rest at night time and drink plenty of water. I also love to take a day off, there are days where I'm not on shift and won't even look at anything business-related, I really think it helps to give myself these days and they really give my productivity a boost and helps me work more effectively!
11) What inspires you?
When it comes to what I do I'm very inspired by nature and my spirituality, I love working with natural resources and building fantastic products from them. I'm inspired in business by my spirituality also, I'm a huge believer in the Universe and Law of Attraction so that gives me the momentum to build my own business, my life and to pursue my passion and calling!
12) Favourite quote?
"There's no growth in the comfort zone."

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