Eat Feel Fresh By Sahara Rose Ketabi

Ayurveda Ayurvedic Cooking Education & Enlightenment

I'm someone who is interested in alternative ways of healing my body and eating correctly and keeping my vibration high, it made sense to explore the world of Ayurveda. My first step was reading this lovely book titled Eat Feel Fresh By Sahara Rose Ketabi. My own journey with food and mind came at an early age due to having debilitating eczema and going through trial and error of finding food triggers as well as finding ways to alleviate flare ups I was experiencing. My doctor advised my flare ups were due to stress, I however have later come to realise that it's a variety of factors including environmental, hormonal, diet and mental clarity that make the difference to my skin.

Living through these extremely intense times, it is important to spread love, compassion and positivity for others and ourselves. Right now more than ever it's about finding out what works for your journey and body so you can stay healthy, motivated, empowered and happy.

Ayurveda originates from two Sanskrit words: ayur meaning "life" and veda meaning "knowledge." Ayurveda is however usually translated as "science of life." Life is our journey to be enjoyed, and I think it's important to keep educating yourself throughout to ensure your journey doesn't stay stagnant, controlled or influenced by thoughts of illness and old age. It's paramount we keep adapting but doing it in a healthy and mindful way, finding a balance that creates a higher state of health.

Sahara wants the reader to understand how important it is to absorb a nutrient dense, plant based diet that associates clearly with mind, body and spirit. She aims to give the informed reader further information regarding an alkaline diet, which can help dispel toxins from the body and raise our spirit levels and cleanse our systems. We are also reminded cancer thrives in an acidic diet, and an alkaline diet is the best way to maintain and stabilise a healthy body weight which can then effectively fight disease.

What is Ayurveda?

Deepak Chopra sums it up perfectly in his foreword:

"Ayurveda is a living science; one that has transformed and moved throughout the centuries to match the individuals it serves. Yet its tenants remain the same: the foods we eat become the very foundations of our bodies, seeds of our thoughts, and essence of our consciousness. Everything that we consume contains an energetic effect, and through food, we change the entire fabric of our being. More than ever we must bridge the worlds between science and spirit, ancient and modern, Eastern and Western."


This book is more than a cookbook, it is a revitalised and rejuvenated version of Ayurveda and plant based cooking which Sahara calls Alkaline Ayurveda. It signalises the connection of the healing vibration of what plants offer and seamlessly blends ancient teachings and wisdom with plant based recipes that would please us all. You will also learn your unique mind-body type: your dosha. Understanding your dosha enables you to make correct food choices for body and mind. Ayurveda is not a diet, it's a philosophy that evolves to suit you and the climate that you live in, and how your dietary requirements match what you need to sustain yourself so you can live in harmony with your environment.

Everyday recipes adapted with a sprinkling of Ayurvedic herbs and spices that address physical imbalances, raise vibration and align thoughts and emotions - choices for which our digestive system will forever be in gratitude. Meals that ensure you are eating consciously, ensuring you become aligned with yourself, thus making the correct food choices and transforming the way you look, feel and think. Truly knowing yourself has never been so important, understanding what you are eating and digesting has a direct correlation to your physical and mental wellbeing.

If you are someone who has interest in healing yourself without the need for conventional medicine, has a passion for cooking and seek knowledge on how to keep evolving spiritually as well being the best person you can be, this is a great book to get started with. Sahara takes you on a journey across India, explaining how she immersed herself in absorbing and learning what she could about Ayurveda to firstly heal herself and become the person she is today. A truly transformational and enlightening read, that can help you embody an ancient healing approach with a modern twist.




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