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We are living through strange and harrowing times with being confined to our homes due to COVID-19 and measures such as social distancing being implemented. It is impacting us all in a myriad of different ways and it's easy to feel worry, stress and unease with what life is throwing at us all, however we think it's an important time to ensure that time is being used effectively and wisely - alas this lockdown has provided the perfect opportunity to read more, learn a new language, practice meditation or do some regular exercise (after we have made some cookies) or just tackle tasks that have been repeatedly put off.

Books and education are great outlets not only to use as an escape, but a wonderful tool for educating yourself on whatever takes your fancy as well as being enlightening and helping elevate mood. Now is the time to be open minded, passionate, inspired, empowered and totally devoted to whatever interests you and helps you evolve, engage and thrive. 

The books read this week are:

Calm By Arlene K.Unger 

This book is full of helpful mindfulness techniques you can integrate into daily life to help instil calm into our lives. Easy to read with lovely quotes and inspirational exercises you can use every day. It's short enough to always pick up time again if you want to or remember how to relax and unwind. 

The Little Book of Mindfulness By Dr Patrizia Collard 

Loved reading this book from start to finish! This book discusses exercises and poses that help you stay grounded and present whilst remaining calm, eating with pleasure and having gratitude for the food cooked and served. It also touches on Metta Meditation which translates as 'loving kindness'. All of which is needed in abundance for yourself and others.

The Little Book of Inner Peace By Ashley Davis Bush

To reap the benefits of achieving inner peace is to engage in peace practices, and this is exactly what this book does, thus in turn giving you the ability to make you:

- Less reactive to events,

- Reduce anxiety, anger and depression. 

- Express gratitude and have an organic connection with the world around you. 

These are just a few snippets but this book covers much more such as breathing techniques, meditation, exercising gratitude as well as installing positivity into ones life. 

Although these books are small, they are at the top of the pile and very beneficial in times when giving yourself positive affirmations is paramount (even though we should be practising this every day) and easy to follow tips to for calming frazzled nerves whist being cooped up indoors in todays current COVID-19 climate.

All of these books are so relevant and filled with helpful tips and techniques and would be great for anyone struggling with anxiety, stress or if you just want to feel more positive and upbeat which we believe is especially important at this moment in time. 

Remember guys it's so important to not stress as this compromises your immune system therefore making the body more susceptible to disease. We will be covering more on this subject in the coming weeks. 

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