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Author: Karen Bradshaw


I recently received the Huda beauty liquid matte lipstick in the shade Girlfriend in my Glossybox. If you've never heard of them, Glossybox is a monthly subscription box which contains 5 beauty products, for just £10 a month, plus delivery. Many of the products that you will receive are vegan or cruelty free which is something that appeals to a lot of people, myself included. 


The liquid matte lipstick is cruelty free which as I mentioned before is a massive plus, it has not been tested on animals and in this day and age I think that nothing should be. All of the products by Huda follow this same moral making it one of beauty's most favourable new brands.

The lipstick comes in 16 shades so there is something to suit every occasion and every personality. I was really pleased to receive the shade that I did as it is a nude colour which is fantastic for every day wear.

It looks very light in the tube but once applied dries to a slightly darker hue than what you originally see but it's not so dark that you can't pair it with a good smoky eye, because let's face it, who doesn't love a smoky eye?!

I use mine in combo with the a Revolution lip liner, which I have searched online to find out that this brand is also cruelty free so I couldn't think of a better partner for my new lippy! Personally, I prefer to use a shade darker for my liner but of course, anything goes, it's all down to your own choice and the look you are going for.

The lipstick is very thickly textured and glides on effortlessly. Just one dip of the applicator wand gives you more than enough product to fill your lips. A little really does go a long way with this one. Once on, the product takes around a minute to dry and you are left with a beautiful matte lip that will last. Since having this product, I have used it most days and find that I don't need to reapply for at least 6 hours and that includes eating and drinking, and even the odd cheeky smooch. I would advise however, that when it comes to reapplying, that you remove any traces of the previous application to avoid any flaky bits which is common with a liquid once it has set.

One of the really appealing things about this lipstick is the smell. It has a fudgy-chocolately scent to it which is really pleasing when applying. It almost feels like a luxury lip balm on first application.

The finished look feels polished and professional and looks very aesthetically pleasing. I used mine with an array of other products for a natural, every day look.

You can pick up yours for £18 over at It isn't the cheapest lipstick, but then it isn't over priced at all for what you are getting. I would highly recommend this one and I will be purchasing another, perhaps trying a new shade once I have used the one I have.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Jade for allowing me to write this review for you, it is truly a pleasure to be a part of her wonderful work.

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