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We Need More Words

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Author: Emily White Instagram: Blog: Mental health, mental illness, mental wellness, emotional wellbeing, self-care, grounding, CBT, words I now hear almost every day. It’s incredible, the ever- increasing conversation and awareness around this topic. What’s NOT so amazing? The lack of distinguishing between the peaks and troughs of every human's mental health, and the darkest ‘trough’ of struggling with a long term mental illness. We all have ‘days’: happy, sad days, days where you feel the whole world is against you or can’t find anything about yourself you love. Where your relationship with food is not quite ‘balanced’, you ‘do a...

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A Bubble

Anxiety Mental Health Mental Health Awareness Self Care

Author: Anon                           To put it pleasantly, in the day of me it can be very disconcerting. The constant back and forth and the indecision. To have such small things intensely sweep you off your feet can be enfeebling in every aspect that applies to life itself. Comprehending what’s going on inside the cage is always an ongoing battle, having to spar with the inner voice, either knocking you or making you second guess every decision you make or may have made. Not being able to go about...

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Becoming Friends With My Anxiety

Anxiety Mental Health Wellness

I have had a constant companion for almost two years. Sometimes it was so oppressive I couldn’t leave home, often so mild I could almost forget it. Always present. But for a long time, I didn’t know what to call this thing, this shadow which followed me everywhere. It was my psychologist who formally introduced us about six months ago. By that time, this shadow had followed me for more than a year. I knew things weren’t right and I desperately wanted to fix it but didn’t know how to do it. My GP referred me to Cathy, my psychologist,...

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