Raw Vegan Bajadera Cake

Cake Raw Vegan Cake

Instagram: Website: I've always loved baking and especially deserts! It all started back in 2016 in my kitchen in Barnet, North London although many of my recipes are inspired by places that I've visited; the Bajadera cake is inspired from my Balkan roots; the Coffee & Walnut cake from my birth town of Bitola, North Macedonia where the favourite passtime is to sit in one of the numerous cafes on the main thoroughfare (Shirok Sokak) sipping coffee and watching the World go by. The Lemon cake was actually inspired from my holiday on the beautiful Amalfi Coast in Italy whilst the...

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Goji Granola

vegan Vegan breakfast

Author: Beth Neydorff Instagram: I love making this granola recipe because it’s so lovely having breakfast that you know every ingredient that’s gone in and you can adjust to suit your taste. This is super nutritious - not too crazy in calories and super yummy! Perfect on yoghurt, porridge, chia puddings and to add a little crunch where needed!  Ingredients 400g rolled oats 100g mixed seeds 100g mixed nuts 20g chopped coconut 80g melted coconut oil 100ml maple syrup 1tsp vanilla extract/ essence A good handful goji berries A sprinkle of flaxseeds/ linseed  Method Pre heat your oven to 160c...

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Wild Garlic Aglio e Olio

Easy Recipe Pasta Vegan Dinner

Having recently foraged a large bag of wild garlic with lots more of it to follow means adding it to more recipes - happy days! So far I have added it to a curry, vegan omelette & cauliflower cheese and now this pasta. It's in season for a few more months so get picking! This is a take on pasta Aglio e Olio but with the added wilted wild garlic and pops of tangy, fruity sun dried tomatoes. You can add spinach, nuts, antipasti or frozen veg if you don't have wild garlic. Absolutely banging dish thats so easy, versatile,...

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Marmalade tofu, chilli & cashews

Thai Food Tofu

This dish is from the wonderful book Vegan Street Food: foodie travels from India to Indonesia by Jackie Kearney. This version of the dish is based on Thai orange chicken, and Jackie recommends using a high quality marmalade. This is one of our favourite dishes from the book so far, simple and quick to make and satisfyingly delicious! We did a review on this book here.   A few adaptions we made to save time was to put the tofu in the oven first so didn't require frying, we kept the tofu in the oven for 45 minutes as we like...

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Pecan Maca Granola

Breakfast Vegan breakfast

This granola is simple, quick & so easy to make. Perfect for breakfast with fresh berries and coconut yogurt. Maca powder is a great addition to this granola as it boosts energy and increases strength.  Ingredients: 2 cups of rolled oats 1 1/2 cups of pecans 1 cup of sesame seeds 1/2 cup of brown flaxseeds 1/2 cup of pumpkin seeds 1/2 cup of sunflower seeds 1/2 sea salt 3/4 cup of maca powder 2 tbsps of coconut oil 1/4 cup of maple syrup  1/2 cup of brown sugar or coconut sugar 2 tsps of vanilla extract 1/4 cup of...

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