Wild Garlic Aglio e Olio

Easy Recipe Pasta Vegan Dinner

Having recently foraged a large bag of wild garlic with lots more of it to follow means adding it to more recipes - happy days! So far I have added it to a curry, vegan omelette & cauliflower cheese and now this pasta. It's in season for a few more months so get picking!

This is a take on pasta Aglio e Olio but with the added wilted wild garlic and pops of tangy, fruity sun dried tomatoes. You can add spinach, nuts, antipasti or frozen veg if you don't have wild garlic. Absolutely banging dish thats so easy, versatile, filling and delicious. Remember to taste as you go along to suit your individual taste.

Serves 2


Spaghetti or linguini (approx a quarter of a packet)

Sun dried tomatoes approx 5

9 sprigs of wild garlic 

4 cloves of garlic

squeeze of lemon to taste

1/2 tsp of oregano 

1 tsp of capers

1 tsp of sea salt more taste if necessary

1/2 tbsp fo dried chilli flakes

2 tbsps of virgin olive oil

Black Pepper to taste


- Put pasta in boiling water and cook until package advises 

- Slice wild garlic and sun dried tomatoes

- Lightly pan fry the wild garlic, approx 5 mins. Add garlic

- Drain pasta, add to the pan with the wilted wild garlic add salt, oregano  olive oil stir to combine

- Add sun dried tomatoes, capers and lemon, chilli and toss until the pasta is coated with all of the ingredients. 

- Serve & enjoy! 


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