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Author: Leana Thorpe

I had been looking forward to visiting Gauthier for quite some time. As a lover of innovative vegan food I was quite intrigued at what delightful offerings I was going to be served and could barely wait to get stuck in.

It started extremely badly, upon entering a tiny hall where you check yourself in with a member of staff. Unfortunately I was met with an extremely sour faced young man who asked my name then proceeded to go up and down the list until I pointed my name out to which he responded I KNOW! Erm you clearly didn't otherwise you would have checked me in say 10 minutes ago.

Was ushered upstairs into the dining room, which was extremely dated and in need of painting & updating. Upon closer inspection I noticed crusted food on my seat, dirty table lining that was revealed when they removed the plate and disgustingly filthy menu covers. Totally NOT what you would expect from a restaurant of this calibre.


After waiting an eternity to be served drinks I was given a shot of wine - I asked for a glass? At £16 a pop you'd think that you would actually get a glass again FAIL. Staff were not very friendly, were extremely slow and miserable. You would think that they would be more attentive to people who pay their wages, there was also no diversity in staff members what so ever apart from the staff who take out the scraps and bins who I saw throughout dinner walking through the dining room which didn't improve the ambiance.  

We had the vegan tasting menu, which I may add does not match what they have as a Summer menu online. I went there expecting 2 asparagus dishes and got a bland watery courgette one instead. I was totally looking forward to the pomegranate rhubarb desert too, which failed to materialise. When I pointed this out to a waiter, I was told indignantly that it was Spring menu with the Asparagus until I showed him the site and pointed out it said SUMMER! Had I have known I wasn't getting the menu I advertised I wouldn't have come - simple. Whoever is in charge of your site needs to do their job a little more effectively. As of the 16/07/19 the website still has the incorrect information for the vegan tasting menu.  

Out of all the 8 dishes I can safely say there was only 2 dishes I remember the rest I've forgotten, when the waiter was telling me what the dishes were they talk so quietly and the room is so loud I didn't know what I was eating, I just wanted to get out as soon as possible.  Tables are crammed so close together you can hear the people next to you breathing! If you want a high end vegan meal in gorgeous settings this certainly isn't the place. For £190 for 2 people its definitely not great value either. 

Photos shown are of the Carrot tartare & Black truffle tortellini. 


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